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Office Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

Pelican provides a successful combination of hardware, software, solutions and services that improve the interaction between people and information.

​​Increase Efficiency

Our team of experienced experts help you identify bottle necks and pain points when dealing with Document Capture and Distribution. We understand the importance of Secure Information and Device Management. Trust us to provide the RIGHT solutions from the RIGHT sources at the RIGHT price.

Personalized Service.

In this wildly fast moving competitive environment one thing is certain, integrity, honesty and commitment are critical characteristics in a business partner. Our team provides the best of breed products, providers and integrators all while managing the process from inception to completion. Even the smallest request is within our of our realm of responsibility.

Print Security Solutions

  • Device Management – Fleet Firmware/ Drivers/Usage Tracking/Rules Based
  • Output Management – Swipe / Authenticate / Release / Retrieve / Track
  • Document Capture and Distribution – OCR / Share / Approve / LOB Repository
  • Information Management – Secure / Access / Store / Audit
  • Mobile – “BYOD”

 Our Solutions Will Change Your Business

Once implementing the right Information Management plan is complete, you will wonder how you ever survived without it.

Archived Backups

Recovered Documents

Satisfied Clients

We Refine Your Workflows

Short cuts get documents and information to the right destination quickly, easily and securely.  Implementing a trailed approval process along the way enables your team to be more nimble in just getting things done.   Meeting and/or exceeding industry specific compliance standards is par for the course. 

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